Social Media Consulting

What is it?

It's time to grow your brand / image. Lz offers a social media consultation package that helps you grow your brand from ground zero! With a strong backbone of users across multiple platforms that follow Lz (30k+) and years of experience, I am here to help you make your dreams a reality. Learn More

What to expect

Keeping it short and simple, Lz Consulting consists of various tools that help you grow any social media account whether it be personal or business! You will recieve the following with a Lz Consulting Subscription:

Research Breakdown

An overlook of your profile/account/business, categories, competition, market, content, insights / engagement, and analytics.

Qualitative Analysis

Interviews and conversations with your team and clients/followers, engaging in finding the positive and negatives of your content.

Quantitative Analysis

Surveys of current customers/followers with their perspectives, ideas, social media patterns, attitudes, and more.

Strategic Plans

An assessment / overview of the current and future state of your social media which includes content, themes, audiences, metrics, and more.

Design Overlook

An overview of your current design patterns of your social media along with potential future designs to help engagement, patterns, and growth.

Constant Counseling

1:1 sessions consisting of discussing patterns noticed by you and Lz, answering questions, getting caught up, and helping you grow.

Get started

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