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iOS and Website Developer who helps Individuals & Business's grow.

Web Development

I began learning and diving deep into HTML and CSS in 2017, HTML is a markup language used for websites and CSS is a style sheet used to fancy up those sites. Later in the year I would learn Javascript to create more interactive websites.

iOS Development

In the middle of 2018, I began learning Swift, one of the languages for native development of iOS applications. I have created two iOS applications that have launched into the App Store (One for a business, one for my personal use). The other applications have not gone public.

UI/UX Design

At the same time of learning iOS Development, I dove in Sketch to begin learning design. It was a good habit to learn as I had to jot down and create ideas before fully developing them.

My Skills

I started to learn how to program in Highschool, a class that taught Java. I built a foundation on how methods, classes, objects, and other items worked in a object-oriented language. A year later, I explored the way websites were created and focused primarly on grasping the two core technologies of building websites with HTML and CSS.

Everything seemed to fly from there. I became fond of iOS applications and their creation in 2018. I took a udemy course and dove in the new language, Swift. I built many applications and published two to the App Store in about half a year and have more applications on their way to the App Store!


iOS Development (Swift language)


Website Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)


Design (Sketch)


Other (Java, Python, C#)


Check out some of my Applications I have developed along with Designs and Websites.

Habite iOS Application


iOS Application

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TimeCrunch iOS Application


iOS Application

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Habite iOS Application

Imperial Building

iOS Application

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