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Revolutionizing mobile and web applications through 6 years of web experience and 5 years of iOS experience

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Changing the game

Mobile + Web

Innovative & life changing applications

A community filled with 20,000+ on instagram, multiple iOS applications, and several websites over the course of a few years

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Tools Lz uses


Building native applications in a programmatic only style in which provides the freedom of building almost anything


Creating the front end of web applications, and building them to be responsive, fast, and reliable


Building the back end of web applications, and creating gateways to call api’s and have databases


Using one of the top platforms to create full stack applications with users, databases, storage, analytics, and hosting


Another top platform in providing services to create full stack applications with similar features to Firebase


Industry top design tool used to design all iOS & Website applcations prior / during project work


Live Public Applications


Productivity management app that takes creating tasks, starting habits, measuring progress, and taking notes to a whole new level.

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The perfect planner for school, college, or university. With beautiful design and simple features, you are bound for success in all of your classes.

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We all have busy schedules, why not start your day with a priority list of things you have to get done for THE DAY.

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Live Public Websites


Clean and informational website on the Habite app that includes features, prices, and download

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Simple website focused on the TimeCrunch app with features, images, and download

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Imperial Building

A company website that provides information, their services, and easy contact

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