Macbook with M1 Review

By Lz on 2021-05-02 · 3 min read

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The wait is finally over, the M1 review is here! A month ago, I had turned in my 2017 MacBook Pro 13", and bought a brand new 2020 MacBook Pro 13" with the M1 chip. Many of you have been asking if I like it, if it is worth it, or if it is overall better than the older models with intel. Well, let's take a quick dive into my thoughts the past month, and what I have been able to come up with so far!

The Machine

Jumping right into it, the M1 blew my 2017 MacBook with intel out of the park the first day I began using it. The overall speed has been pretty crazy to see. Specifically working with my old mac in Xcode, it felt like a constant drag trying to run any code or in some cases opening / running applications. Shifting over to the M1, and running code took barely any seconds or opening / running application is a breeze. The speed is very noticeable when transitioning to the M1 just like the battery life (though that tends to come with most new macs).

Battery life

There are certainly no complaints with the battery life considering I had Xcode, multiple terminals, Sketch, and other programs running at once for a couple hours without a charger, and it barely moved the battery. It feels like my productivity with getting work done has most definitely improved just because I don't really sit around waiting for simulators to load or code to compile.


The model I bought has 8 gb of ram and 512 gb of storage. I have barely cracked over 100 gb of storage, and I have a lot of files / projects. So if you are deciding with the 256 gb or 512 gb, in most scenarios, I would say go with the 256 gb just because you will save yourself some money if all that space is unnecessary. Another note to add, if you are deciding over an air or a pro, the only noticeable difference I have come to is the touch bar. So it practically comes down to preference and whether you will really utilize it or not (I use it a bit, but I have not really customized it as it I do not need it in most cases).


Personally, I do not play any games on my MacBook, so it tends to be on a gaming console here and there. Though, I have heard that the fps for most games is pretty decent. So if you are looking to game a bit on your next M1, it should be able to hold up pretty well with most video games!

Display, Camera, & Speakers

The difference with all three is pretty noticeable compared to intel MacBooks. The display is a lot more sharp and vibrant along with the brightness being higher than the intel Macs. The camera is a lot sharper as well, I have tested it through multiple zoom / facetime calls, and I can see the difference just by looking at my screen. Finally, the speakers seem pretty similar to the intel Macs, but they do sound a little more crisp and louder from what I have gathered so far.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the MacBook with M1 overules the MacBook's with intel specifically through the performance. If you are looking to switch over to the M1 or upgrade, I would suggest either buying the 2020 MacBook with M1, or if you have some time, wait it out until Apple releases their next model in September / October 2021. If you have any questions or want to learn more on my experience with the M1, feel free to reach out here, and I will be more than happy to help you out!